House of Deputies
President House of Deputies
Advisory Council
State of the Church    

House of Bishops
The Presiding Bishop
Council of Advice
Court of Review
Court of Trial
Pastoral Development
Religious Committee

Joint Standing Committees
Election of PB      Elligibility - Crew
Planning & Arrangements
Program, Budget & Finance
Standing Commissions
Anglican & International Peace with
Justice Concerns
Constitution & Canons
Domestic Mission & Evangelism
20/20 Strategy
Ecumenical Relations
Liturgy & Music
Ministry Development
Title III Revisions 
National Concerns
Small Congregations
Stewardship & Development
Structure of the Church
World Mission

Executive Council Committees  
Committee Membership - Crew
Administration & Finance
Congregations in Ministry
Executive Committee 
International Concerns
National Concerns
Committees/Task Forces
Reporting to Council
Criminal Justice*  
Economic Justice Loan
Indigenous Ministries
Jubilee Advisory 
Science, Technology & Faith
Social Respon. in Investments
Status of Women

2003 Blue Book Report
Agencies & Boards
Building Fund
Episcopal Relief & Development
Examining Chaplains
Episcopal Parish Services
Forward Movement
General Theological Seminary
Historical Society 
Pension Fund
Red Book Church Locator
Other Committees
Disciplinary Policy & Procedure
Institutional Wellness &
Prevention of Sexual Misconduct
Title IV Review

The Episcopal Church - Web Links & Structure
2003 - 2006 Triennium
Committees, Commissions, Agencies & Boards
Executive Council
Presiding Bishop - Chair
President House of Deputies - Vice Chair
Executive Officer & Secretary
Treasurer of General Convention
Chief Operating Officer
20 Members of Council elected by General Convention - Crew
18 Members of Council elected by Provinces - Crew

Office of Communication
Episcopal Life
ECUSA Media Services
Episcopal News Service
Calendar of Events
2003 Convention Daily

Staff Directory
Pat Mordecai - Chief Op Officer
Kurt Barnes - Treasurer
Information Desk
Office of the Treasurer Reports
Human Resource Management
Book & Resource Center
Church Center Programs and Offices
Resources for Ministry
Episcopal Parish Services
Women's Ministry
Congregational Development
Small Church Development
Jubilee Ministree
Episcopal Policy Network
Evironmental Stewardship
Peace Ministries
Social Justice Ministries
United Thank Offering
Christian Education
Spiritual Resources
Volunteering Resources
ECUSA Statistics
Programs of Church Ministry
Anglican and Global Relations
Ethnic Congregational Ministries
Congregational Ministries
Episcopal Migration Ministries
Peace & Justice Ministries
Ministries With Young People
Resources for Ministry
Episcopal Church Home Page
What is the Episcopal Church?
What is General Convention?  -  Structure Chart
Directory of Diocesan Web Pages by Province
Diocesan Convention Dates
Clergy/Parish Quickfind
Red Book -Church Locator
Nationwide Calendar

Health & Education
Messages & Essays
Episcopal Information
Communication Ministry
Family Spiritual Growth Directory Introduction
Diocesan Outreach Ministry
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Provinces of the Church

Officers and Ministries - Spence
Provincial Christian Educators Index
ECW Provincial and Diocesan Officers
Province I  - Home
Province II - Home
Province III - Home

Province IV - Home
Province V - Home
Province VI - Home

Province VII - Home
Province VIII - Home
Province IX

Office of Presiding Bishop
Liturgy & Music
Church Deployment Office
Ministry Development
Office of Pastoral Development
Board of Examining Chaplains
Convocation of Churches in Europe
Ecumenical & Faith Relations
Suffragan for Chaplaincies
Independent Reports
American Anglican Council
Anglicans Online
Beyond Inclusion
The Living Church
The Next Generation
The Voice of Integrity
The Witness
The Virtuosity Digest
Episcopal/Anglican Pages
Archbishop of Canterbury
Articles of Religion
Angican Pages - Crew
Anglican Cathedrals
The Ekklesia Society
Episcopal Church Women
Evangelism by Diocese
Glossary of Anglican Terms
Hispanic Ministry Course
Interim Ministry Specialists
Mail Lists -Anglicans Online
Nat Net of Lay Professionals
Nashotah House
Episcopal Relief & Development
General Interest
Beliefnet - Episcopal
Introduction to World Faiths
Non-English Resources
Donate Free Mammograms
Donate Free Food
Meals on Wheels
Ministry Developers
Science/Tech/Faith Network
Software Sharing Ministries
Speaking of Faith - Audio
The Book of Common Prayer
The - Spence
The Virginia Report
Episcopal Communicators
2000 GC Recommendations
Communication Issues - Spence

Related Ministries and Independent Reports
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