Family Spiritual Growth

This web page seeks to identify and provide links to online spiritual resources for parents, children and young adults.
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General Family - a directory of Children's Ministry Resources on the Web - a faith based web site that offers current news, articles and various resources
The Daily Office - a Mission St. Clare site for online worship including Morning, Evening Prayer & Daily Devotions
Faith Alive - programs for adults, teens and children, bringing fresh focus to our vows of Baptism and Confirmation
Focus on Family - shares information and resources that provide a traditional perspective of the Gospel
Forward Movement Publications - offers a daily reading and meditation online as well as other publications
Gateways to Better Education - a national ministry for parents of public school children 
Heritagebuilders - offers resources that empower you to pass on your faith to your children
Publishers & Resources for Ministries with Young People - list from the Ministries with Young People Cluster

Kindergarten/Primary School
Acolyte Handbook - a guide on how to show the joy and reverence of worship from Spirit in the Heartland
Children's Charter For The Church - new and intentional ways to care for, respect, and bring children to Him
Children's Ministry Office - order form for education resources & list of available materials - good list of Vacation Bible School kits with descriptions, online catalogs and reviews
Concordia Supply - Vacation Bible School program catalogs with summary of lessons and illustrations of materials
Kids and Stuff - ideas to help Children's Pastors and Workers in kids ministry tell kids about Jesus
Kidsblitz - information about events, curriculum, VBS, articles and conferences supporting children's ministries
Kid's Sunday School Place - creative lesson plans, crafts, games, object talks, skits, stories and fun activities.
Lesson Plans for Small Churches - plans designed around the Episcopal Lectionary for children, youth and adults

Junior/Senior High School
Christian Camping International - database of summer and year round Christian camps and conference centers
Fellowship of Christian Athletes - assists athletes and coaches in receiving and serving Jesus Christ
Happening - A Christian Experience - seeks to bring young persons to a fuller knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ
Sports Ambassadors - arranges overseas trips for church or school sports teams as a ministry and witness of faith
Young Life - provides weekly clubs, seasonal camping experiences and daily outings communicating God's love

College & Young Adult
Episcopal Higher Education Websites - directory and contact information for provincial leadership & campus ministry
Oremus - a comprehensive place of prayer online including resources for daily prayer, hymns and liturgical forms
Peek Through The Window - A resource for finding out more about the Episcopal Church.
Bible Doctrine - A reference on the bible for teens and adults

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